The DAVIA is a tomato processing, which operates in this sector with expertise and experience thanks to the quality processes of the product which for several years has been prepared with great care, in full respect of nature, using cultivation and harvesting systems conventional and organic, in order to safeguard the quality and authenticity of the products of the earth..

In synergy with its skilled and innovative technological processes, with the focus on production innovation it has managed to gain favorable opinions in all five continents.

Repeated renovations within their production structure, have meant that the company today is able to transform and offer its customers a product with high quality standards In this sense, the DAVIA in addition to being equipped with the HACCP procedure manual and that for the production intergrate BIOAGRICERT has achieved prestigious international certifications such as BRC - IFS - KOSHER U and K.

Our company also relies on the collaboration of leading companies in the packaging and distribution, thanks to which we are able to ensure efficiency, accuracy, quality and prompt deliveries.

Our quality certificates